Aspiring is for Pansies–Tough Love & Being a Writer

Aspiring is for Pansies–Tough Love & Being a Writer. Kristen’s blog and her books “we are not alone” and “are you there Blog it’s me writer”  are some of the books that I have read that give me the inspiration and desire to continue with  my new found profession and love. The one thing that helped me the most was your blog about taking your hero  and have them fall opff a cliff and then after the long climb back up you shove them off the cliff again. I researched my entire novel with this plan in mind and it really works. Thanks a million. Buck De Boey, author of my first but not last book.

If you are interested in learning blogging and social media, check Kristen out. She’s great.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Happy Friday!!!! Today I have a really special treat for you guys. I do have to say that I love being right, but sometimes it kinda sux being right…but then it goes back to being awesome that I am right. Confused? Okay, well I started a ton of controversy surrounding writer blogs with such posts as Sacred Cow-Tipping–Why Writers Blogging About Writing is Bad and More Sacred Cow-Tipping–Common Blogging Misconceptions.

We have big folks in publishing claiming that blogging is dead, that blogging is a waste of time and does nothing to drive book sales. Yet, I counter with, “What if blogging isn’t the problem? What if writers just don’t know how to blog?”


I mean if I ran out and spent $2000 on a Mac computer and the promptly used it to swat mosquitos and then loudly proclaimed that Mac laptops were a waste of money, everyone would…

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