Why did we do the things we did?????

So, I did not write every couple of days as suggested by my guru Kristen Lamb, However, I have been productive, Sort of. I started a Facebook account, and boy, I have to tell you, this has been glorious. I have made contact with So many old friends and in doing so, I have brought memories alive that were (almost) dormant for the last ten years. Go FACEBOOK. You are GREAT!!!!!

My birthday just passed and my sweet hubby bought me an IPad. Best present ever, besides the puppy we got me last year. I am having such a ball with this toy. Just checked and for the first time in two weeks I have no new friends. Sooooo, time to write another blog. Here it is; still no followers although i have had two “likes” and it seems from pretty nice people. I am the eternal optimist and just know that eventually you will be curious enough to start following. It really will be worth your while. Buck is writing a great book, that will get all you adventurers going. I will start giving some of it away in this third blog of mine. The first book, which is in the making and turning into a heck of an adventure story takes place in Africa. We, buck and I spent five years In Sierra Leone, and believe you me, this is a heck of an experience. This was in the early 1980’s and life

was pretty exciting in the wilds of Africa. What a beautiful continent in all it’s mystique. That is one of the reasons Wilbur smith is such an icon for us. He really knows!!!!!


Posted by sonja and buck at 2:57 PM


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