Working hard on the novel

Our very own Jackson

Too good to be true, But I’m convinced it’s him.
So I have to tell you a story from our previous life. When we lived in Sierra Leone, we had taken it upon ourselves to try and safe some monkeys from the stew pot and one of those was Jackson. he was a Diana monkey which is a high forest monkey and according to experts, an impossible monkey to train.
Well, Jackson was part of our household and he and Pekin, his sister, a mangabey monkey, were the single most biggest problem for us to leave Sierra Leone when the politics starting heating up. We ended up giving our babies to a German expatriate, Dr Sitah, who was also a zoologist working in Freetown, He was was very happy to receive these fabulous pets. Well, we never were able to get back in touch with Sitah and then earlier in the day I started surfing the Web and I found this new hotel in Freetown, called the family hotel and lo and behold there he is. Being totally sweet and lovely. I have to believe this is. MY JACKSON. Alive and doing very well. I am so totally happy today, I had to share this. I cannot paste a picture in my blog but I will be adding his picture to my Facebook.

Posted by sonja and buck at 12:38 PM
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